From the first day we set off,our logistics operations are our sole business, we provide logistics services with zero error policywith our team of specialists in land operations inthe Aegean and Marmara Regions and all cities of Romania. We provide regular weekly partial servicefrom Izmir to Romania. We complete all operational processes smoothly beginning by loadinguntil delivery by optimizing exports / imports procedures.
You are also among the companies that we are honoured to make a long partnership with.


Cities wecover in Romania

  • Bucharest Romania transportation
  • PloieștiRomania transportation
  • BuzăuRomania transportation
  • FocșaniRomania transportation
  • Cluj-NapocaRomania transportation
  • Roman Romania transportation
  • VasluiRomania transportation
  • GalațiRomania transportation
  • SuceavaRomania transportation
  • OradeaRomania transportation
  • Timișoara Romania transportation
  • Arad Romania transportation
  • Deva Romania transportation

Cities we coverfrom Turkey to Romania

  • From Istanbul to Romania transportation
  • From İzmir to Romaniatransportation
  • From Aydın to Romaniatransportation
  • From Manisa to Romaniatransportation
  • From Afyon to Romaniatransportation
  • From Bursa to Romaniatransportation
  • From Denizli to Romaniatransportation

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